The Background of Kenchi Kimura

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The Background of Kenchi Kimura

Post  This is Shark Attack on Sat Jan 07, 2012 11:37 pm

I am Kenchi Kimura, and this is my background.

I was 5 when the accident happened. I was playing my hometown, the Sand Village. I was going to the only place with grass, at the very far corner. Nobody was paying attention, as i entered the grass i heard some movement behind be but i ignored it, seeing that i was five i did not have much care in the world. I kept going farther and then i saw only black. I woke up the next day in the dark, it was very cold and it felt good, as i lived in a desert. I looked around and i saw the area was surrounded by water. I went to the water and took a drink. I heard some shuffling coming from this light that was blinding. I hid behind a wall terrified of what may be coming. I look around the corner and saw that it was a Sandslash. It saw that i was awake and took me outside and brought me back to my parents. My parents were so happy that i was home. The gymleader had seen what happened and explained what happened to me to my parents. A Claydol had attacked me but before it did any real damage, the sandslash saved me. I learned that i was in the bottom of the gym in our town, and the gym leader used a sand team. It was his sandslash that saved me. My parents kept it a secret from me my entire life, up until i was 13. i had always loved sand pokemon since that accident. I always dreamed of being like the gym leader. His name was Shawn. He gave me his sandslash when i was 10 for my first pokemon. When i was 15 i heard that shawn had turned evil and was using his sand team for destruction, and i set off to find him and bring him back to reality. i finally found him, he was at Mt.Destruction. He was so corrupted i never thought i could snap him back to reality. But i did manage to. Only by almost killing him. He gave up his pokemon to me and he gave me his gym leader spot. And on that day, i learned that i should pay more attention to my surroundings, because i saw that he had an orb that had the evil energy in it. I found the pacifist orb and with that orb, i had the best time of my life. I journeyed everywhere to get more sand pokemon and become a gym leader in every region. And that is how i ended up here. I became an artist after my friends persuaded me to start making sprites. I heard of gimp so i started to use that and i started my first art shop in another server, then crow showed me advanced map. i Now travel around becoming apart of leagues and becoming the artist of that server.

I am Kenchi Kimura, and that is my background.

My hometown:
This is Shark Attack
This is Shark Attack

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